Jun 27, 2012

"Whats Good NY" Showcase at the Pyramid

So last night me and CoCo went to the Pyramid  for an Hip Hop open Mic. When you enter the venue you are greeted with a bar, but as you make your way to the back you enter a packed dark gritty room whose end point is a stage the size of my closet. Well ok maybe hallway closet, either way it's pretty small but nonetheless sufficient for an open mic.

The show was hosted by a guy named Puma. Offbest kinda guy but pretty funny, especially in the way his embraces his corkiness and encourages the hecklers. He rocks to the beat of his own drum and I can appreciate that.

We arrived just in time to see Foe Boyz who invited us to the showcase. But before they took the stage named Young Mac who I like to call the "Asian Johny Bravo" took the stage. I don't like to use the term swag, but here it goes! Shorty swagg was the all the way to the left.... Like extremely left. Not only did he have the Mohawk-Johny Bravo mashup hairstyle, he tried his hardest to get the crowd to sing along with his song called Swagging. The hook goes a follows "I'm Swagging like a T-Rex Rrrrr, I'm Swagging like a pterodactyl Rrrrr." I died. Needless to say Mics were cut off and good ol Puma stepped in to save the day.

I resurrected just in time to catch Foe Boyz. The thing I appreciated about the Foe Boyz set is that they brought actual bars. It was a good mix songs that make you move and shit you just wanna listen to, plain and simple. They also performed their song "Pussy Pop" which is currently catching AirPlay in Miami's infamous King Of Diamonds strip club. Good look.  Shout out to them and extra shout out to the chick with Mohawk rocking out so hard her damn Mohawk and/or hand was in every picture I snapped. #theblows.

Next was a guy by the name of Slim Dollars. Cute. Nice flow. I was really starting to feel his music.  But completely out shined by his solo background dancer who decided not to stay in the background. Homie had to be at least 35 and I don't know what it is about him (Well not including them ancient dance moves)  but me and CoCo has come to the consonance that he just came home..... Along with Slim Dollas was an artist named skididida from the blididBlock (if you think the spellings crazy, you should hear the pronunciation).  Again nice flow, but completely over shadowed by the infamous JailHouse dancer. Click here for footage, pics below!

Oh and somewhere in between all of that was an act by the name of Bklyn Stickup. Their set was type cool and their shirts were pretty dope. They opened up flowing over the Nicki Minaj Moment for life beat... Good freestyle...

At this point we were midway into the showcase but I couldn't stomach much more. The last and final act of the night (well at least for me) was a man by the name of Tree Mason. Besides his slogan "Roll that shit, light that shit, smoke!" I don't remember much about this guy.... Well besides his whole set being about weed and he definitely embodied that cool Stoner persona. Which pretty much seemed to be the theme of the night.

All in all it was a good time.ObnoxiousNY put on a very entertaining and well organized Open Mic so shoutout to them. But the real star of the night ( even tho he didn't take the stage til the Open Mic was officially over was) was. We first sighted him as the last actual open mic EM was rapping. A 300 lbs white boy named Steven Long IV grooving out right in front of the stage in the midst of weed smoke.... How could you miss him. But if you think his moves were tight.... Check out his flow HERE!

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