Aug 20, 2012

August 20th, 2012

Hosted by: Rosi, CoCo & REJ


Topics: The "Let's Get You A Job" Edition, Career News, WOTD, Top 5 Entertainers NOT to trust & more

Music By: Trey Songz, Tyga ft. Nas, B.O.B
& more

The shows that's all about speaking your mind and the way you feel.. tune in as we ( well mainly Rosi ) goes on a Hilarious tangent rant about foods we like and dont like.. mainly beans! 

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This weeks word of he day was Network - A big part of getting ahead in any endeavors is getting to know people. You never know in what ways those around you can help you move forward..

** As Always, the WOTD is sponsored by The School of Life .

-Professionals are starting to see a trend in singles getting the majority of the jobs on the market! This isn't necessarily a good thing.. Check it out

-According to studies by the WSJ, More People are claiming to be jobless. Read Up on what we didn't discuss on the show..

-One word to sum up finance in 2012: Layoffs. Its real out here. the troubled economy isn't a myth as some would like to believe.. Click here to read more about layoffs in 2012.

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