Aug 27, 2012

Nike: Creative or Offensive.... You Decide!

Nike! One of the most popular bands worldwide, never shys away from controversy. One thing that makes Nike such a powerhouse is it's great marketing and advertising strategies. Everyone knows that Nike's behind it when you see the infamous slogan "Just Do It" and the signature check is recognizable even to the youngest of kids. But what happens when what may seem as "creative" to Nike reads as offensive to others. Like the Nike ad  featuring Lebron James that was banned in China in 2004 (only to be reinstated in 2007). It shows him beating cartoon martial arts masters and slaying a Chinese dragon. Chinese authorities deemed it offensive, they called the ad blasphemous and insulting to national dignity and to the dragon. Click HERE to see.

Even just last year Nike shocked the world with its edgy marketing to the extreme sports world with the slogans on these shirts seen below:
Receiving backlash from anti-drug organizations, Nike stood firm. "Sport is an antidote to drugs," Nike spokeswoman Erin Dobson said in a statement. "There is no better adrenaline rush than catching a wave or landing a trick. The language is the same that skaters, BMX'ers and surfers use every day around the world."

And just when you thought it was over, they're back at it again. Off of the hype of the London 2012 Olympics Nike released tons of appeal. But none of it's appeal seems to be stirring the pot quite like this shirt seen below:
Nike's "Gold Digging" shirt it only available in women sizes and people are deeming it sexist. And females all around the world haven't been shy about letting their opinions be heard. Fashion blog Styleite tweeted, "US ladies win two-thirds of the country's gold medals at the Olympics, and @Nike rewards them with this sexist tee."

So that leaves you wondering what is Nike's response to the blacklash....

“Nike has consistently supported female athletes and the position they enjoy as positive role models,” Nike said in a statement. “The t-shirt uses a phrase in an ironic way that is relevant given it was released just as the world focused on the success of female athletes."

There's no denying that being labeled a "Gold Digger" is far from what any women wants to be called, but I think that Nike hits the nail on the head with the shirts word play and flashy design. I sell clothes online at Cray4ClotheShop and these T-shirts sold out the same day they were listed, so I know I'm not the only person that feels this way.

Nike is the same company who took a stand in 2007 by creating a CAMPAIGN to combat the ignorant "Nappy headed hoes" comment Imus made to the Rutgers' women's basketball team. They have time and time again showed their love and support of the female athlete, so I think if any company's allowed to live on the edge and somewhat push the envelope with the "Gold Digging" T-Shirt, it's definitely Nike. What do you think?

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