Aug 29, 2012

Slim Dollars Listening Event at Atmos!

Slim Dollars Listening event; Saturday Aug. 25th at Atmos NYC:

So last week, I heard Slim Dollars was having a Listening Event for 'Treasonable Doubt'.. "I'm with it!".. Then I heard it was being sponsored by Svedka and included an open bar.. "Yea, where's my phone? Let me send this RSVP email ASAP!"
Even though there was no list at the door, upon arrival the event still felt as though I was amongst a reserved list of people..
One thought while at the event had to be "Harlem is in the Building!" Even though there was people present from so many different places.
The overall feel of the event was one of strictly positive energy, a significantly grown & attractive group of people joined in the heart of Harlem, all there to support, show love, & give props to Slim, not only on his current project but to congratulate him for the hard work and persistence it took to get him to where he is now..
In abbreviated terms; Everybody showed him Hella-Love, and I believe he definitely felt every bit of it.
I personally enjoyed the fact that though the event was for him, Slim Dollars remained with a nothing but humble demeanor.
At one point during festivities, Slim got on the mic and mentioned that although the event was his, in some respects it wasn't just for him. "the shit we doin' now, is not just for me, we putting shit together to do for other people, its never just about me.."
And that statement in its self gave me that much more respect for the artist known as Slim Dollars.
Check out footage from the Atmos x Svedka Open Bar event Here.
The event had a great over all Turn out, and I loved that it was positive and drama free. 
Slim Dollars has been making a lot of power moves and his recognition is growing like a virus. Being featured on XXL Mag's 'The Break' and even has a 2013 Rocawear spring collection lookbook.
Even the late great Ray Charles can see that He's the new up and comer to hit the scene; its just a matter of time before he blows, and takes his peoples with him. We at Today's Tomorrow are sending nothing but love & encouragement. I personally respect the motivation.. shouts to Trips3t, UFO, as well as Famous Gems Clothing.. Keep it Going & doing your thing! It's the bases of what we're about here at Today's Tmrrw & we greatly support it!

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