Aug 17, 2012

The One and Only Cure To Domestic Violence

Domestic violence never ceases to find its way back into the spotlight in Pop Culture. Largely because its a great problem in other society, whether rich or poor, famous or the average worker, it is something you can easily come in contact with. From Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston to Chris Brown and Rihanna. Now Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada.

These are just some of the comical images that you will see on social mediums such as Instagram and Twitter. Why I am also guilty in finding humor in these pictures, as well as others, domestic violence is a serious problem Think about it.....

  • Domestic Violence is the leading cause of injury to women- more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined
  •  Every 9 seconds in the US a women is assaulted or beaten
  •  Men who as children witnessed thier partners' domestic violence were twice as likely to abuse thier own wives than sons of nonviolent partners
  •  63% of all boys, age 11-20, who commit murder kill the man who was abusing their mother
Their are several places that will tell you the basic ways to help prevent domestic violence. For example one technique is for a couple to agree on a nonverbal signal that to be used as a "time-out" during an agreement. This gives them a 10 to 20 min window to calm down.

While suggestions and tips like that are great, I'm here to tell you the 1 and only key to preventing domestic violence.... SELF LOVE.

Loving yourself is the key to preventing and avoiding domestic violence.

As a potential victim, it all starts with YOU. If you love yourself and you know your worth as a human being then you will not except any form of violence be it physical, mental or emotional. No one deserves to to abused, no matter how you look or how you were treated growing up, you are a special creation and you were not created to be torn down!

As a potential aggressor loving yourself will let you know what it is to truly be and feel loved. Despite the cliche... Pain isn't love! And by having love for yourself, you too will understand your worth. Most domestic violence offenders are insecure. By loving yourself and finding your confidence you are sure to grasp a better understanding on how you want to be treated and how you should treat others.

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