Sep 19, 2012

Featured Artist : Paid Pryce

A few weeks ago on the September 10th episode of Today's Tmrrw we had Joining us a young, talented artist by the name of Paid Pryce, who happened to be our Music Match up winner for the Month of September. Click HERE to listen to his takeover!

As a result of his takeover a load of the listeners asking.. Who is Paid Pryce ?

The ladies of Today's Tmrrw have got the scoop for you! 

From The Bronx, New York came two things: hip-hop, and Paid Pryce. Born from Jamaican parents as Patrick Pryce-Latty, Paid Pryce is a modern day lyricist and performer like no other. It is no wonder how Paid Pryce took on his stage name, and anyone who knows anything about this artist will say he is a man about his money. As a youth he learned how to hustle and make - in every definition of the word - change. By far, Paid Pryce is one of the most influential aspiring musical talents and religiously progresses in personality and sound. When listening to Pryce people often assume it's just another rap artist until their are filled with Jamaican patios. 
"It's a refreshing sound in comparison to what's currently getting played in the underground..." - MC Remedee 
His potential is evident in the rhythm of his raps as he flows through beats as if a second nature. With his new style of music, taking the outside advice of "Create your own lane" and literally running with it. Going on to say in his interview with us that he always keeps in mind to Stay in his uniquely tailored lane..  

Paid Pryce has a list of things in the works that people should def keep posted on so pull out your calendars.. (don't worry, we'll wait)

Catch up with Paid Pryce, he'll be performing live Saturday Oct. 13th, 560 32nd Street, Union City, New Jersey, 07087 for a new season of 'The Big Break' (Airing on VH1 Feb. 2013) 
So keep up with all things Paid Pryce by following him on all the social medias.. You'll have to break out your pens for this one ..

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Hey! while you're at it check out his latest video.. Maybe learn how to get it Mingy while you're at it ! 

We must say that it was a pleasure having Paid Pryce as a guest & part of #TodaysTmrrw!
Keep up with Paid Pryce through the the Social Network links above as well as check in regularly to Today's Tmrrw where we will be updating you as we get information .. 
Look Out for the mixtape title "Over Pryced" - Coming soon in Fall 2012!

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