Sep 2, 2012

Out Of The Box First Date Ideas

Phone Rings

Me: Hey what's up?
Guy: Not much just chilling. I was wondering if your free sometime this weekend, maybe we can go on a date?
Me: Okay sounds cool to me. I'm free Friday, what did you have in mind?
Guy: Lets meet on 42nd st, we can go to BBQ'S... Hello? Hello?

I'm seriously tired of guys and their inventive, damn there insulting, date ideas. Especially when it comes to first dates. But then I thought, maybe its not their fault, maybe they just don't know any better. Whether that's true or not, it definitely inspired this post. With that said I bring you my top 3 picks for a creative and unconventional first date.... guaranteed to you score you major points!

1. Fuerza Bruta

I know it sounds like a word I just made up but I promise you it's not. Fuerza Brutra is a 360-degree experience that puts the luster back in theater.Women suspended in a watery world just above your head and much more. Its like a great show and party all wrapped into one. This a date she is sure to never forget! And to make it better Living Social has a deal to save 44% off regular ticket prices. Click HERE to see the offer! And check out the show trailer below...

2. Game Time!
While the weather's still pretty nice outside so why not take advantage of it? Take the time out to plyy a sport. It can be something you both love to play or you can teach her your favorite sport. Girls love a guy who can show them something new. Not only is this a fun way to see different sides of each others, it's completely free... But hey, don't be a cheap! Follow it up with a casual lunch and you're sure to win cool points. 
Warning: This may not work for every girl. If you feel like she's not the sports type and is more of a girly girl, try a game night! UNO, Scrabble, Twister, you name it!

3..Tailgate Date!

Party!Party!Party! Tailgate Party that is. Football, alcohol, and grilling? Who wouldn't love this. Even if she's not into Football, she will still enjoy herself. Its a great why to see how she would act in a social setting. So load with the car with chairs, food and drinks, invite some friends and let loose! But not too loose, remember this is still a date, so show her the proper attention and be mindful of which friends you invite.


At September 10, 2012 at 6:46 PM , Blogger Theory Republic said...

As I guy I like this post....the date ideas are good ones. But in the defense of guys, first let me say, me personally I would never take a woman on a first date to a BBQ's, Applebees', Red Lobster; you get my point, unless thats absolutely all she wanted. And if that's the case I don't see us going on many dates after that. But let's look at some circumstances. 1. Not trying to be cheap but realistic; no need to break the bank and take you out someone really expensive if I'm not sure there even going to be a second date or third date or even a relationship. On top of that he would have been paying so if anything free food. 2. Let's keep it real, I invite you over for a game night you're automatically thinking I'm trying to smash and gonna feel some type of way. 3. He probably doesn't know you that well, he's trying to get to see you talk a little more, get to know you. Everyone loves food, so out to dinner and drinks is usually a safe bet. Lastly, you have to give him and guys in general some effort points, he was trying. He could have easily said so when I'm see you again, you wanna come over? And left it at that, next time that occurs simply say yea I'm cool with going out, but maybe we should pick some place different. Sparks up an entirely new conversation, shows another side to both of you, and its a date you both had a part in.

P.S. I'm gonna have to piggy back off of this into my own post coming soon and thanks for the idea.

At September 11, 2012 at 12:15 AM , Blogger Rosi Sellers said...

I definitely see not wanting to break your,pockets on a first date but that's why I gave the option for a show that offers discounted tickets. Also I see the point of not wanting to possibly have a game night for I hate when guys I don't know invite me to their house. I'm excited to see the post you create from a males perspective and I only offered 3 ideas and I'm positive thier are tons of more! Let me know when its up!


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