Sep 30, 2012

Today's Tmrrw is making some changes .

The Ladies of Today's Tmrrw are making some all around changes to improve your experience with us.. starting with major changes to the site. Next change is a bit more drastic.. Starting Tuesday October 2nd 2012; We will be streaming Live from NiteLine Radio !

Yes, You've heard right! Today's Tmrrw is Changing stations and times ! Now You can catch Rosi & Coco Tuesday Nights from 10p-12a starting Oct 2 . Meantime, in between time Post will be going up to fulfill your Today's Tmrrw needs.. so don't you worry Honey boo boo child.. We've got you covered! 
  So in preparation of The Today's Tmrrw re-release , GET READY by downloading the FREE NiteLine Radio app for listening from your iPhone, Android, and/or Smartphone...
to download the App for Android click HERE