Oct 30, 2012

Music Match Up is Back for November!

Music Match-up is a program started by Today's Tomorrow radio show to help promote and showcase up and coming talent. Each month we will play 2 songs from 2 completely different acts on Tuesday's show. Immediately after the show their songs will be featured on our website for their fans as well as our fans to vote. All voting will end on Friday 12PM and the winner will be announced that same day at 5pm. The winner will be interviewed on the following weeks show, have a feature on our blog and their song will be placed into rotation for our weekly shows.

All interested acts should email 
todaystmrrw@gmail.com with music and/or music links. Submissions end Sunday November 4, 2012 12pm. Winner's will be announced on Monday November 5, 2012!

And check out the previous Music Matchup winners by clicking the links below:


Oct 25, 2012

October 23, 2012

 Today's Tmmrw

Hosted By :
Rosi & Coco
Special Guests: Donny J & Jarrell Brandon 

Flava Flav Controversy, Lance Armstrong cant WIN, Life in NYC "Too much SMACK" Edition, Missing NJ girl found dead, The TRUTH about YOUR vote this election, RNS, TT After Dark, Its real Out here & more..

Meek Mill, Kendric Lamar Paid Pryce & more !

Today's Tmrrw Word of the day is bought to you in part by
 School of Life .

Quality Time: Even though it may seem impossible to spend time with loved ones due to conflicting schedules, you never know when that time will no longer be available.
God forbid, that person could be here today and gone tomorrow so try your best to spend as much time as possible.
Its more valuable than you think.. #QualityTime

Shoutouts / Events

- #SHOUTOUT To the African American Youth of this generation making strides on staying informed.. We still have a ways to go but we're definitely on our WAY ! Keep It UP and stay up on GETTING INFORMED.

Oct 23, 2012

YP4C's Presidential Debate Viewing Party Arena NYC

Last night Young Professionals United For Change (Better known as YP4C) hosted a viewing party for the final Presidential Debate at Arena Nightclub in Midtown.  It was great to see 100s of young Urban professionals gathered for a drama free night of politics, cocktails and great discussion.

The debate (which I hope you all watched) was focused on Foreign Policy. CNN’s contributor Roland Martin was there to interview (for TV One) AJ Calloway from Extra and other special guests on their reactions following the debate. The general consistence among the crowd was Obama definitely took the debate, but with a room full of Democrats (myself included) of course there was favoritism towards the president. Check out AJ's reaction below:

Big thank you to YP4C for holding this event and sure to keep up with them and all the great things they are doing by going to YP4C.ORG

And if missed the debate don't worry! Below are links to watch all three presidential debates as well as the VP debate. November 6th is right around the corner so get informed and be sure to go out and VOTE. Every vote counts... Always!!

Watch The Debates


Oct 22, 2012

Engagement Day

How to Grow Professional Relationships for Business Success

On October 5, 2012 Today's Tmrrw attened an event thrown by Zanade Enterprises, LLC entitled Engagement Day: How To Grow Professional Relationships for Business Success. It was a panel dicussion consisting of 4 industry leaders mediated by Zanade Mann.

The panelist offered up a wealth of knowledge about the "do's" and "don'ts" of networking as well as the keys to successfully expand your network. 


Interning was seen as one of the best ways to expand your network. Who doesn't love free help? By interning you get to learn the ends and outs of the field you want to work in as well as surround yourself with people within that industry and make valuable connects.

Follow Up

Following up is crucial. Don't just exchange businesses cards at an event and wait until you need something to reach out, but actively sit down and take the time to email your new contacts. You want to do it in a timely manner, preferably 1 or 2 days after you've met, so that they will have a better chance of remembering you and whatever you guys talked about

Social Yet Sensible 

Social media is an important factor to expanding your professional network, if you allow it to be. It's crucial to first define your personal brand so that you know what you want to present to the world. We live in a day & age where our lives are on display via Twitter, Instgram, LinkedIn, Facebook etc., so it's important to use social networks responsibly. But just because you use social networks resposibly doesn't mean it has to be boring and all business. It's all about finding a balance.

3 Quick Tips To Improve Your Professional Network 

  • Try to attend at least 2 events a week where you can effectively network.
  • Be seen. Always remember "Dress for the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have!"
  • Create effective business cards! Here are some tips on how to do so.

Once again I want to thank the panel of ladies for the wealth of knowledge they gave us. And a special thank you to Zanade Mann for throwing such a wonderfully informative event.

Here is some first hand footage from the event.. 
Check the Panel as they introduce themselves and explain how to build a business relationship!

Click HERE to keep up with Engagement Day! The page features free information content as well as events. 

A number of points were made during the panelist discussion that was not caught in footage and we believed to be very important to networking, and in some ways "hit home" in a sense. here's one that stood out:

How do you draw the line of "keeping things professional" when Networking with those of the opposite sex?:
First; I want to say thank you to Zanade for bringing this question to the forefront!
Many females like ourselves have to often face the task of attempting to network, or build business relationships to only result in getting hit on. Then leaving us in the difficult situation where the person can help you to get to where you need to go, but you do not want to have to take a "Quid pro Quo" approach in doing so..
The ladies of the panel came to a general consensus that when faced with this difficult situation, first analyze if this person is even important enough to pursue further networking opportunities, because in some instances, those who cannot keep it professional isn't someone you would necessarily want to continue with due to lack of professionalism. If the person is someone you deem important to your networking agenda, then 
DRAW THAT LINE. Let them know that you are there to network professionally and that the route they are taking is not one that you will entertain.  After making that clear; most people will respect your wishes and will fall into line in a professional and orderly manner.

We at Today's Tmrrw again thank Zanade Enterprises LLC for the opportunity to be apart of this event, the panelist for participating and sharing their experience and knowledge, as well as those who attended the event, for engaging in the discussion which made for a wonderful event!

Again* Click HERE to keep up with Engagement Day! The page features free information content as well as events.

Oct 19, 2012

Same Love- Macklemore X Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert

Who is Mackelmore? To be honest I'm not too sure. He recorded his first EP in 2000 and has continued to gain a following since then. He was featured in XXL's 2012 Freshman Class, and despite being independent his debut album "The Heist" (Which dropped Oct. 9, 2012) has already peaked at #1 on Itunes and has sold over 78,000 copies.

Stunned, confused, conflicted, appreciative, uncomfortable... Those are just a few emotions that rushed through me as a sat and watched the video to Same Love by Mackelmore X Ryan Lewis. With the lines clearly drawn in the sand between religion and same sex love, this song hold back nothing. Igniting the conversation that most are scared to have. Religion teaches you that Homosexuality is an sin, but how can you choose who you love? If God loves all his children, does that exclude homosexuals? Is hatred and discrimination towards homosexuals any different from the hatred and discrimination towards Blacks before the Civil Rights Movement..? And if not why does Hip-Hop (A predominantly Black community) take such a heavy stance in denouncing same sex love? 

I am not here to answer those questions for you, but more to spark a conversation. As a Christian who believes in equality for all, I've have wondered about everything Mackelmore touches on in this song before. So check it out, whatever your stance may be the video tells a great story and raises some brave questions!

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Oct 17, 2012

October 16th 2012

 Today's Tmrrw

Hosted By: Rosi & Coco

Topics: Mike Vick has a pet dog, Mario Lopez finds fountain of youth, the Bachelor gets sued, Update on Hulk Holgan Case, DJ Paul controversy, Gunplay Updates, Every black man suspended in Detroit nursing home, teacher detention room, Bus Driver Uppercut Controversy 

Music: Wale, Big Sean, Chris brown, Trey Songz, Gotye, & more

Today's Tmrrw Word of The Day bought to you in part by
 School of Life .

Time Management: Life will not always grant you the leisure of "free time". In between time; some, if not MOST times you will be faced with task after task, the next being just as important as the last
As a Young Professional you've got to learn to keep track of all priorities in a way that you do not become overwhelmed  with your work load.
Its easy to feel as though all the things you have going on is becoming too much to bare.. but DON'T stress.. All you need is a little #TimeManagement

Shout Outs / Events

- Widow Jane Whiskey launch Party 
Friday October 19th from 7-10p
Located at  Cacao Prieto 218 Conover street New York, NY

- GFC's Appreciation day Day Party Studio Twenty One
59 W 21street New York

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Oct 11, 2012

October 9th Episode

Today's Tmrrw

Host : Rosi & Coco

Special Guest: Blogger; Jarrell Brandon and Donny J.

Topics: First Date blog & opinions ( Todaystmrrw.com)
Gun Play getting Beat up in all actuality at the Hip Hop Music Awards
The TRUTH behind Christopher Columbus, Skimming,
#TTAfterDark & MORE

Music: Carly Rae Jepsen , MGK, Tyga, & More

Today's Tmrrw Word of the Day Bought to you by
School of Life .

Hard Work: No TRUE outcome can come of a "Quick Fix". the gratifications from a quick fix are always satisfying but an outcomes Value doubles when it was achieved through 
hard work. 

Shout outs / Events :
- GPC Film Forum October 12, at the Schomburg Center in Harlem for information visit Schomburgcenter.eventbrite.com Registration is free and there will be a a list of Presentations from a guest panelist.. stay tuned for that list!

- Breast Cancer Events going on around the city . So stay tuned for those details as well! 
Let's Start with .. 
The Breast Cancer Awareness Event
on Thursday,October 18th at 
Highland Park (E 34th st btw 2nd and 3rd aves)
from 6p - 1a & This Event is FREE
Sponsored by Nuvo Music & Power 105 !

Black Tie Pink Ribbons for Breast Cancer Awareness
on Thursday October 25th at
The Empire Room ( 350 5th Ave )
From 8p - Until. Tickets are $40 a person
Hosted by Kameron McCullough
for Tickets visit blacktiepinkribbons.eventbrite.com

Thank you as always for tuning in to Today's Tmrrw, We appreciate all of your support !

Oct 5, 2012

Premiere Show !

And what you've all been waiting for ..

The Premiere Show of :

Today's Tmrrw 


NiteLine Radio !!

For those of you who missed it ..!

We've got you covered .. As always ...

Click Below to view The October 2nd Show..
Hosted By: Rosi & Coco
Guest DJ : DJ Dizzie

Topics: Top 5 Highest paid Women in Hollywood, Teen Kills his Mother with no Remorse, The importance of being informed in politics.. & More

Music: Wiz Khalifa , G.O.O.D Music & More!

Today's Tmrrw Word of the day Bought to you by 
 School Of Life .

Make Moves: being idle is not the way to make things happen for yourself. You cannot expect for things, opportunity's or big breaks to come to you .. so get up, get out and #MAKEMOVES !

#TodaysTmrrw #SchoolOfLife #WOTD


- EyeWear Clothing Dropped Their 2012 Fall Collection 
Check Them out at Eyewear-Clothing.com and be come and INVADER !!

- Zanade Enterprises Presents . Engagement day : How to Grow Professional Relationships for Business Success!
Friday October 5th ; Sorry Folks! This event has been deemed sold out, but feel free to visit TodaysTmrrw.com for future events Hosted by Zanade Enterprises!

We will actually be at the Engagement Day Event Friday so Look out for all types of footage on the event.. !

In any Event, We Thank all of our current supporters as well as our New ones! 
& We Hope to see you next week for a new Episode of Today's Tmrrw..

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