Oct 17, 2012

October 16th 2012

 Today's Tmrrw

Hosted By: Rosi & Coco

Topics: Mike Vick has a pet dog, Mario Lopez finds fountain of youth, the Bachelor gets sued, Update on Hulk Holgan Case, DJ Paul controversy, Gunplay Updates, Every black man suspended in Detroit nursing home, teacher detention room, Bus Driver Uppercut Controversy 

Music: Wale, Big Sean, Chris brown, Trey Songz, Gotye, & more

Today's Tmrrw Word of The Day bought to you in part by
 School of Life .

Time Management: Life will not always grant you the leisure of "free time". In between time; some, if not MOST times you will be faced with task after task, the next being just as important as the last
As a Young Professional you've got to learn to keep track of all priorities in a way that you do not become overwhelmed  with your work load.
Its easy to feel as though all the things you have going on is becoming too much to bare.. but DON'T stress.. All you need is a little #TimeManagement

Shout Outs / Events

- Widow Jane Whiskey launch Party 
Friday October 19th from 7-10p
Located at  Cacao Prieto 218 Conover street New York, NY

- GFC's Appreciation day Day Party Studio Twenty One
59 W 21street New York

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