Oct 25, 2012

October 23, 2012

 Today's Tmmrw

Hosted By :
Rosi & Coco
Special Guests: Donny J & Jarrell Brandon 

Flava Flav Controversy, Lance Armstrong cant WIN, Life in NYC "Too much SMACK" Edition, Missing NJ girl found dead, The TRUTH about YOUR vote this election, RNS, TT After Dark, Its real Out here & more..

Meek Mill, Kendric Lamar Paid Pryce & more !

Today's Tmrrw Word of the day is bought to you in part by
 School of Life .

Quality Time: Even though it may seem impossible to spend time with loved ones due to conflicting schedules, you never know when that time will no longer be available.
God forbid, that person could be here today and gone tomorrow so try your best to spend as much time as possible.
Its more valuable than you think.. #QualityTime

Shoutouts / Events

- #SHOUTOUT To the African American Youth of this generation making strides on staying informed.. We still have a ways to go but we're definitely on our WAY ! Keep It UP and stay up on GETTING INFORMED.


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