Oct 5, 2012

Premiere Show !

And what you've all been waiting for ..

The Premiere Show of :

Today's Tmrrw 


NiteLine Radio !!

For those of you who missed it ..!

We've got you covered .. As always ...

Click Below to view The October 2nd Show..
Hosted By: Rosi & Coco
Guest DJ : DJ Dizzie

Topics: Top 5 Highest paid Women in Hollywood, Teen Kills his Mother with no Remorse, The importance of being informed in politics.. & More

Music: Wiz Khalifa , G.O.O.D Music & More!

Today's Tmrrw Word of the day Bought to you by 
 School Of Life .

Make Moves: being idle is not the way to make things happen for yourself. You cannot expect for things, opportunity's or big breaks to come to you .. so get up, get out and #MAKEMOVES !

#TodaysTmrrw #SchoolOfLife #WOTD


- EyeWear Clothing Dropped Their 2012 Fall Collection 
Check Them out at Eyewear-Clothing.com and be come and INVADER !!

- Zanade Enterprises Presents . Engagement day : How to Grow Professional Relationships for Business Success!
Friday October 5th ; Sorry Folks! This event has been deemed sold out, but feel free to visit TodaysTmrrw.com for future events Hosted by Zanade Enterprises!

We will actually be at the Engagement Day Event Friday so Look out for all types of footage on the event.. !

In any Event, We Thank all of our current supporters as well as our New ones! 
& We Hope to see you next week for a new Episode of Today's Tmrrw..

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