Oct 19, 2012

Same Love- Macklemore X Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert

Who is Mackelmore? To be honest I'm not too sure. He recorded his first EP in 2000 and has continued to gain a following since then. He was featured in XXL's 2012 Freshman Class, and despite being independent his debut album "The Heist" (Which dropped Oct. 9, 2012) has already peaked at #1 on Itunes and has sold over 78,000 copies.

Stunned, confused, conflicted, appreciative, uncomfortable... Those are just a few emotions that rushed through me as a sat and watched the video to Same Love by Mackelmore X Ryan Lewis. With the lines clearly drawn in the sand between religion and same sex love, this song hold back nothing. Igniting the conversation that most are scared to have. Religion teaches you that Homosexuality is an sin, but how can you choose who you love? If God loves all his children, does that exclude homosexuals? Is hatred and discrimination towards homosexuals any different from the hatred and discrimination towards Blacks before the Civil Rights Movement..? And if not why does Hip-Hop (A predominantly Black community) take such a heavy stance in denouncing same sex love? 

I am not here to answer those questions for you, but more to spark a conversation. As a Christian who believes in equality for all, I've have wondered about everything Mackelmore touches on in this song before. So check it out, whatever your stance may be the video tells a great story and raises some brave questions!

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