Dec 20, 2012

Dec. 18, 2012

 LAST Todays Tmrrw of 2012 !

Hosted by : Rosi + Coco
Topics: Last Show of 2012 includes... Condolences to victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, more on Mental illness, male artist wearing dresses the new trend in hip hop?,
studies on test anxiety, & MORE

Music by : Big Sean , F.O.E. Boyz, & more

Today's Tmrrw Word Of The Day Bought to you each week by

School Of Life .
WIN: to get ahead in life its not always about following the rules, but more how you play the game .

How will you play the cards YOU'RE dealt to get the #WIN ?

During today's "Its Real Out Here" we spoke about the studies done by two psychology professors in California about test anxiety CLICK HERE to learn more !
New Fashion trends of Hip Hop today..


Now you can find some of the biggests names in Hip Hop wearing skirts / dresses!
who will it be next?  Is men wearing these types of outfits going to be the new norm?
Let us know what YOU think..



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