Jan 10, 2013

January 8th 2013

First Today's Tmrrw of 2013 !

Host By :  Rosi & Coco
Topics: Bieber Cutters, Katt Williams' multiple issues (YES, he on one), What is the TRUE value of a college degree? & more

We had special in house guest   Micheal Mangum

 He Came in to speak about His new Up and coming series.. Clash & Blend
which is described by Micheal as the story of the trials & tribulations of a College dance team. Dealing with different issues differently, but all using dance as their common denominator.
  Check out the Show to hear MORE of what Mr.Mangum Jr had to say about Clash & Blend...

Looking for how to get in CONTACT with Micheal?? Here's how...!
[Facebook]: Michael Mangum Jr.
[Twitter]: @SAY_IT_LOUD
[Instagram]: @Mangum_22
& Make sure to keep up with Clash & Blend by visiting indiegogo.com/clashblend often; there you can find gallaries, videos and updates on all things C&B !! 
INCLUDING information on how to DONATE 

We also had call in guest The Great Scott McKenzie
 Calling in to talk a bit about how to succeed in life, how to learn from life experiences, & more..
keep up with Great Scott? Here's how
[Twitter]: @GreatScottinc
WOTD bought to you by School of Life .
 PROGRESS : 2013. A New Year does not necessarily mean a brand new start.. So put down your list of new years resolutions, and instead work on bettering all the work you've accomplished in 2012.. you've worked hard on it, why let it go to waste?

Lifes all about #progress!

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