Jan 30, 2013

Janurary 29, 2013

Today's Tmrrw 


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Hosted by : Rosi x Coco x D.Black

Topics: Superbowl news, Money doesn't change who you are [ Lindsay Lohan & Chris Brown/Frank Ocean incident ], Waxing/The art of "man-scaping", Qualifications of a 'side joint' & MORE..
Music: Fabolous, J.Cole, Ma$e, & More..

 WOTD Bought to you every week by School of Life .

GROWTH: A part of ones day to day life is the ability to grow physically and more importantly mentally,.

Never think that just because your time as an adolescent is over that you are done growing!

#WOTD #FoodforThought
On Tonight's show, during #ItsRealOutHere Coco talked about  the early warning signs, and how in the Throwback R.Kelly "Bump & Grind" video there were little girls galore ..
Coming Soon.. The event was so good its back for Another round:
Engagement day Part 2 !  
The Boys Club Edition 
  I know you've heard all about the the first Engagement day, and what a success it was to hear from a all female panel, Now its the fellas turn.. With an ALL MALE panel from a variety of professions, hear from them on how to effectively Network!
REGISTER for the event by visiting the Engagement Day 2 Eventbrite Page
March 1st at 7PM at the NY Open Center Located on 22 E 30th St
Join Today's Tmrrw in Supporting this Event! Its a Great Networking opportunity, so be ready, and DON'T forget your notepads & business cards!
Thanks to everyone who voted For Paid Pryce into the next round of Hot 97's "Who's Next: Battle for the Best 2013" BUT there's more you can do to support....

Don't Forget To Vote For Paid Pryce to become a finalist in Hot 97's Who's Next by clicking HERE.
& don't just vote today! you can vote everyday from now up until Feb 4th!
The TOP 8 finalist will advance for a chance to open for Kendrick Lamar!
Thx in advance for YOUR support. 


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