Feb 27, 2013

February 26, 2013

Today's Tmrrw 

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Hosted by : Rosi x Coco

Topics: Oscar News, Differences in Europe & America, Special Guest ZANADE MANN , Its Real Out Here, What is Acceptable to ask for back after a BREAK UP, The Importance of Foreplay, & MORE
Music: Drake, J.Cole, Wale & MORE 

WOTD Bought to you every week by School of Life .

Venture: Fear may keep you inside the "box" which is your comfort zone but you may be pleasantly surprised by what's on the other side of those confines ..

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Its Real Out here ..

 NYPD SARGENT Roberto Randazzo arrested last week (2.19) for directing Child Pornography

 Sargent Morgan Sellman of Aurora Colorado Arrested after decades of being warned of obsession of child pronography, only served 3 months in prison
Drew Peterson Sentenced Prison Sentence

 Sargent Drew Peterson, of  Bowling Brook Illinois finally arrested for his Third wifes 'drowning' murder in 2004. 

We Had the Pleasure of speaking with ZANADE MANN during the show about all the things that she's about .. To say the least, she is a "Jane of All trades".
We Also had the pleasure of discussing her up and coming Event THIS FRIDAY; Engagement Day PT 2 
Coming Soon.. The event was so good its back for Another round:

Engagement day Part 2 !  

The Boys Club Edition 

  I know you've heard all about the the first Engagement day, and what a success it was to hear from a all female panel, Now its the fellas turn.. With an ALL MALE panel from a variety of professions, hear from them on how to effectively Network!

REGISTER for the event by visiting the Engagement Day 2 Eventbrite Page

March 1st at 7PM at the NY Open Center Located on 22 E 30th St

Join Today's Tmrrw in Supporting this Event! Its a Great Networking opportunity, so be ready, and DON'T forget your notepads & business cards!

Feb 20, 2013

Feb. 12 2013

Today's Tmrrw

Hosted by : Coco 
guest: Mak Jones
Topics: Grammy breakdown, Do's & Donts of a Job interview, Valentine's day tips..

WOTD bought to you every week by School of Life .
Persistence : To continue, or persisting especially in spite of opposition, obstacles, discouragement, etc.

..Its the only thing you need, and all it takes to succeed, ask those who are successful now, they'll tell you! Cant just stop at the first bump in the road.

When you think of quitting, find your persistence.

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SHOUT outs & events
Bomb shelter Feb 14 slam
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THE BOMB SHELTER Officially Launches Our NEW Monthly Showcase,THE BOMB SHELTER 2 @ SCAN (The Weldon Johnson Community Center)
Every 2ND Thursday - like the 4TH Thursday Harlem Showcase EXCEPT - with a more Hip Hop Open Mic and a SLAM Competition Component
Located in East Harlem (Lexington Ave between 112th & 113th)
EYEWEAR CloThing take Part in : 


Feb 6, 2013

Hiding out at the Bomb Shelter!


 HEY All.. Coco here from Today's Tmrrw. This past Thursday January 31st, I went down to the Dwyer Cultural Center to Catch the First Bomb Shelter of 2013..
To give a little background on what the Bomb Shelter is;
 The Bomb Shelter is a venue for today's YOUNG ADULT Poets to build a New Harlem Renaissance. A monthly retreat from the fallout of everyday life and forum to express our experiences, thoughts, and ideas in Poetry, Song, and Spoken Word arts.
 The Bomb Shelter’s mission to promote craft, culture and opportunity for music, poetry and articulation.
Much like a bomb shelter is an escape and shield from war, attacks, nuclear fallout, and impending apocalypse, The Bomb Shelter is a relief from the war and fallout of our everyday lives: where those who make it pool our resources, experiences, thoughts, and ideas in preparation to repair and rebuild when we return to "the real world".
  With a general tagline of :
"If it all goes down, we’ll be at The Bomb Shelter."

My experience it being my first time at the bomb shelter, the event as a whole was an overall positive atmosphere, a very non judgmental place where everyone can be themselves and express to their full potential.
The Bomb Shelter commences the 4th Thursday from 6:30 - 9.
At the events entrance, there's a sign up sheet. One in which to become apart of their mailing list, and another to sign up to perform in the nights festivities.. Any talent that you may have is welcomed!
This particular night there was Singers, Poets, MCs ,& Spoken word, was all in the building showcasing talents!
After the Open Mic segment of the event, there was an event called 'Be' in Art :

Where a Member of the Bomb Squad named Be , introduces a list of different art galleries and opportunities going on in the city, most of which being little to no charge. I found this segment very informative, especially because I enjoy going out and culturing myself in the arts, but often with my busy schedule spend the time instead looking for exhibits instead of actually experiencing them. So this segment definitely gave me a one stop shop to whats going on in the city! Thx :)

The last segment was a show case of a predetermined Featured Artist by the name Darren R. Thur .

in this segment, Darren performed a list of his pieces; some being just recently written for black history month, and the remainder coming from a previously published book written by him [ info on this soon to come so stay tuned, I've got you covered! ]  

In conclusion, I want to say that I overall loved my time spent at The Bomb Shelter, and would recommend 
those of you with aspiring talents to come and be apart of the great cause! 
Again, the event is called The Bomb Shelter spoken word  open mic & showcase
The event goes down EVERY 4th Thursday of each month from 6:30 - 9 @ :
The DWYER Cultural  Center 
Located 258 St Nicholas Ave [ Entrance on  123rd street btw Fredrick Douglass & St Nicholas]
You can keep up with them by :
clicking the 'Like' Button on their Facebook Fan Page :
& Subscribing to them on YouTube :

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February 5th, 2013

Today Tmrrw

Hosted by : Rosi x Coco
Topics: Supebowl 47, Destiny's Child "reunion", The infamous 'Penis Pic'..& More
Music: Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Paid Pryce, Drake ...& More

WOTD Bought to you every week by School of Life .  [<link<]
STRENGTH : is moving through lifes hurtles, with tons of bumps and bruises, but continuing to move forward, as if none of them have phased you.. `*
Featured: Eyewear Clothing

Shout Out to Tommy P & Invader Jay of Eyewear for coming thru & Turn it up with us !!
Press the play button above to hear a little background on
How Eyewear got started, inspiration,and what you can expect from Eyewear Clothing

To keep up with Eyewear Clothing make sure to check their site regularly at:
Follow them on their social Networks:
@Eyewearclothing_ on Instagram
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Shout outs and Events: 

EYEWEAR CLOTHING(http://eyewear-clothing.com/), FADED.NYC CLOTHING (www.FADEDNYC.com) of Harlem Bring to you..
Tripperlife Apparel Launch Party :


CLICK HERE for more info on this event

Paid Pryce 
for Making it to the Top 8 
& Advancing to the next round of Hot 97's
Who's Next Competition..

With YOUR continued support, he will continue
to advance and eventually make it to open for
Kendrick Lamar

More on how to Vote for Paid Pryce in the next round..
Soon Come!