Feb 27, 2013

February 26, 2013

Today's Tmrrw 

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Topics: Oscar News, Differences in Europe & America, Special Guest ZANADE MANN , Its Real Out Here, What is Acceptable to ask for back after a BREAK UP, The Importance of Foreplay, & MORE
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Venture: Fear may keep you inside the "box" which is your comfort zone but you may be pleasantly surprised by what's on the other side of those confines ..

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Its Real Out here ..

 NYPD SARGENT Roberto Randazzo arrested last week (2.19) for directing Child Pornography

 Sargent Morgan Sellman of Aurora Colorado Arrested after decades of being warned of obsession of child pronography, only served 3 months in prison
Drew Peterson Sentenced Prison Sentence

 Sargent Drew Peterson, of  Bowling Brook Illinois finally arrested for his Third wifes 'drowning' murder in 2004. 

We Had the Pleasure of speaking with ZANADE MANN during the show about all the things that she's about .. To say the least, she is a "Jane of All trades".
We Also had the pleasure of discussing her up and coming Event THIS FRIDAY; Engagement Day PT 2 
Coming Soon.. The event was so good its back for Another round:

Engagement day Part 2 !  

The Boys Club Edition 

  I know you've heard all about the the first Engagement day, and what a success it was to hear from a all female panel, Now its the fellas turn.. With an ALL MALE panel from a variety of professions, hear from them on how to effectively Network!

REGISTER for the event by visiting the Engagement Day 2 Eventbrite Page

March 1st at 7PM at the NY Open Center Located on 22 E 30th St

Join Today's Tmrrw in Supporting this Event! Its a Great Networking opportunity, so be ready, and DON'T forget your notepads & business cards!


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