Apr 24, 2013

April 23, 2013

Today's Tmrrw

Hosted by: Coco x DJ Boogie Blaze
Special Guest: S.O.R.$ 
Topics: Life's Many Equations, Adapting to Adjustments, What is "Success"?, Health benefits of Semen, & MORE

WOTD Bought to you every week by School of Life .

Equations: The key to success is adaptability served with a dash of complete and genuine understanding in the light of today's many adjustments.

Make sure you make your self familiar with this important equation :) That's all for TODAY class!

*Class dismissed* #WOTD #Food for Thought

 Shout Outs / Events:

The InnerU Presents:
Autism Awareness HAPPY Hour
THIS Friday April 26
at the Traffic Bar  on 52nd Street & Second Ave
 Sponsored by Today's Tmrrw, Eyewear Clothing, and a list of others .. YOU wont wanna miss
Get tipsy for a good cause  


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