Apr 10, 2013

April 9th 2013 !

Today's Tmrrw

Hosted by: Rosi x DJ Boogie Blaze
Special Guest: DJ Prince
Topics: Ray J Hit it FIRST? Freaks! Blessed to have NO STDs! JayZ money anyone..?..Mermaid suit MAN.. Moose in your lasagna !? CHEATERS! To cheat or not to cheat? Whats YOUR craziest cheating story?

WOTD Bought to you every week by School of Life .
Prosper : To succeed in an enterprise or activity especially to achieve economic success!

Your main focus in life should be to live a prosperous life !

#WOTD #SchoolOfLife

 Shout Outs / Events:
Coco will be Hosting 
Color of Art
THIS Thursday April 11th at 6 pm sharp
 LIU Brooklyn Campu
Avena Lounge [1 University Plaza Bk,NY]
Tickets $10 | Food & Drinks will be served | Hit Coco for more info [rahmingc@gmail.com]


Today's Tmrrw along with The Inner U will be sponsoring the 
Autism Awareness Happy Hour 
April 26th 5:30-9:30p
at Traffic Bar on 52nd st & 2nd Ave 
ALL PROCEEDS will go to Autism Awareness Org
wristbands | Good music Deejay | come support! 


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