May 29, 2013

May 28th 2013 !

Hosted by:  Coco x DJ Prince
Special Guest: Jarrell Brandon
Topics: Chief Keef in yet another Beef, Who should take on the responsibility of paying for a college education?, Who actually takes the L between males & females? AND MORE

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 Shout Outs / Events:
As Coco mentioned Breifly during the show, This video of 9 year old Asean Johnson Standing up against Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for closing down his Elementary School

This speech brought chills to most who have seen it and elates us at Today's Tmrrw to see 
empowerment at such a young age! #ShoutOuts going out to Asean
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At May 30, 2013 at 12:56 AM , Blogger Theory Republic said...

Let me start out by saying that I truly felt this young man's passion and fully understand where he's coming from. So I do applaud his passion and even his courage. To get up there and speak about something he cares about isn't a small feat. His efforts should be applauded and his future endeavors should be guided with the best advice possible. That he should continue to dream and succeed, I hope that going forward he stays engaged and passionate about this and many other things.

But where I disagree is the unrealistic picture this paints and misconceptions that will develop from his speech and the situation that has prompted him to have to speak out. Lets be completely realistic and practical for a minute, I refuse to think that school closings are something any politician takes lightly, whether they are a democrat or republican. Secondly from time to time schools must be closed, for varies reasons, under-performing, budget demand they close, low enrollment, whatever the reason it's not something I think is done without deep thought. It's a fact that many of the inner city schools that are under-performing are predominately african-american or hispanic, but lets look at the bigger picture. Do we blame the school system or the parents? I'm not going to answer that I will leave that to whomever reads this.

The next piece to this is voter or constituent engagement, if as a community you feel your school is being underfunded, inadequately staff, or just mistreated in whatever fashion, then speak out against it. There are these things we call elections, where the people who are responsible for making the school closings; jobs are given back to them or taken away. Utilize that power, but even before then, go to them and let them know that this isn't what you what, that was the case in point here. They decided to speak out, but I'm pretty sure they knew before now there was trouble for the school brewing. It is our duty as citizens to stay engaged on what's happening in our community, attending meetings and other forums where the info is being distributed. In this day of the internet the information is readily available. How many of those parents are apart of the PTA, knows the Principals name other than when their child is in trouble. Can identify there alderman (chicago's equivalent to a city council member), if they were walking down the street?

But the problem I see here is that there's no responsibility being taken by someone. From what I've seen the parents of many of these students are failing them more than the school/teachers/mayor is. It is the parents responsibility to ensure that along with the teachers that the students are succeeding, removing one of the most deciding factors a mayor would have to close a school. Remaining honest and realistic, do you think a high performing school, whether it be in the innercity or not, would be on a list to close? So when you take that into consideration, then who actually is the bad guy?

So as I initially stated I feel this young man's passion, I really do. But this all doesn't just fall onto mayor. A portion if not majority of the blame actually has to fall elsewhere and I truly dont think its on the mayor.


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