May 15, 2013

Todays Tmrrw 1 year Anniversary May 14th 2013 !

Hosted by: Rosi x Coco x DJ Prince x DJ Boogie Blaze
Today's Tmrrws 1st Birthday aka TT Anniversary!
Topics: Tax evasion much, Amanda berry/Charles Ramsey antics..I haven't even seen that show! its getting warm, so whats YOUR take on  personal hygiene?

WOTD Bought to you every week by School of Life .
Reflect : To remember, think about or look back on someone or something.
Whether or not you accomplish something new everyday, don't forget to reflect on life; both the good and bad aspects.
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 Shout Outs / Events:

2nd Feature Post on Theory Republic 
in Celebration of our 1st year
TBS Spoken word Writing [Arts development Seminar Series]

TBS mixtape release Next week ..Thursday May 23rd

Dj John Burgundy Presents:
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