Aug 5, 2013

July, 30th 2013!

Today's Tmrrw

Hosted by: Rosi x Coco x DJ Prince
Special Guest: Gabe Ramirez x Sammy Maldonado 2 of the 6 winners of the Harlem Bomb Shelter slam competition along with founder Luther D. Isler

Topics: Update on Spike Lee's new project, Tyler Perry Helps OWN network, DJ Khalid & Nicki Minaj?
-- & MORE

WOTD Bought to you every week by School of Life .

Appreciate : Take time out to appreciate the little things in life.
You'd be surprised to realized the small things we may take for granted..
So take a step back and look at the blessings life has afforded you :)

 Shout Outs / Events:
To our amazing guests : 

FB: Sammy Samson Maldonado
 Instagram/Twitter: @Samsonpoet **

       FB:  Gabriel Ramirez 
Instagram/Twitter: @gabeslifeisreal
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  Giving people an outlet to express their views on the world around them.. Want to be apart and express yourself?
Contact Luther D. Isler at

Today's Tmrrws 1st annual: Feel Good Summer Sunset

Come out and End your summer right!!
-Double Dutch Contest 
 Tournaments in :
- Steal the bacon  
- Potato sack races
- Spades
-- & much more !  

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